319. Elwin Jenkins' posting: http://microdoc-news.info/home/BloggerNews/2003/04/11.html/1. errata-en

320. Chris Gulker blog: http://www.gulker.com.

321. Perseus Books, 2002.

322. Microsoft Word was both useful and infuriating. The Mac version seems to have a severe bug that caused me and my editor no end of trouble. If there was a serious alternative, I'd use it. I note this because I posted a blog comment about the problems I was having, and related what Microsoft's technical support people had told me. (Amazingly, they advised against saving the files in Microsoft's own format.) My blog posting generated an email from one of the programmers at Microsoft who works on the Mac applications. He asked for samples of the corrupted files and said he'd try to figure out what was wrong. I sent the files but didn't hear back from him. Nonetheless, his query was another example of how the new world of information works: he, at least, was paying attention to what was going on in the online world, because it affected his product. I give Microsoft an A for this, even if I give its software a C-minus for its flaws.

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